Coldplay serves as ‘present’ of Super Bowl 50 halftime

By Dan Hanzus

The NFL announced Thursday night that Coldplay will perform during halftime of Super Bowl 50 on Feb. 7.

The British band will be one of multiple prominent musical acts who will share the stage in Santa Clara, California. Coldplay is the first traditional rock act to play the gig since The Who headlined Super Bowl XLIV in Miami in 2010.

The NFL is going all out for the golden anniversary of its tentpole event, breaking the halftime show into past, present and future acts. Coldplay ostensibly falls under the present banner, having sold more that 80 million copies of their six No. 1 albums since emerging with their hit single Yellow in 2000. Remember that song? It’s a nice song.

Coldplay have had plenty of hits since then, like this, and this, and this, and this. They also represent somewhat of an outlier in halftime history, being a mainstream rock act with none of its band members over the age of 40. There’s that present thing again.

We don’t imagine our angry Metallica fans in the comment section will appreciate Coldplay playing this event — or, if we’re being honest, even being called a rock band — but this is a sturdy choice that your girlfriend will love and you’ll pretend not to like but secretly will be feeling. You can’t please everybody with an event of this scope, but Coldplay has been politely pleasing millions for 15 years.

Just embrace the pick. Coldplay was built on hugs.