Super Bowl 54 – week-long Events, Parties & Happening

Super Bowl 54 – week-long Events, Parties & Happening

One of the world’s largest sports events, the Super Bowl 54, is set to take place on February 3nd, 2020. Game tickets are being purchased all over the world, game suites are being booked, plans are being made. But what is the world’s largest game event without many other smaller events preceding the big day?

Here are just some of them you wouldn’t want to miss.


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Festivals & Events

  1. Live Super Bowl Festival

An unforgettable 10 day Super Bowl fan festival is expected to precede the actual final game, and will include plenty of food, concerts, music, and a wide range of other activities within walking distance of the stadium.

  1. Bud Light Super Bowl Music Fest – 31st January to 2nd February

A 3 night concert event you wouldn’t want to miss will have several of our favorite musicians taking the stage at the State Farm Area. The schedule is as follows;

  • 31st January – Featuring Ludacris, Migos and more
  • 1st February – Featuring Aerosmith and a special guest
  • 2nd February – Featuring Bruno Mars and Cardi-B
  1. NFL Super Bowl Experience

Anticipation circles around this ultimate experience taking place at the Georgia World Congress Center over the course of eight days. This ticketed event will include free autograph signing sessions, Live Broadcasts from the NFL Network, Merchandise, the Super Bowl Memorabilia Show, game training at Youth Football Clinics, and much more.


  1. Rolling Stone Super Bowl Party – 1st to 2nd February

Do you even want to miss a party thrown by Rolling Stone? Get your tickets early to save a place next to many of the biggest celebrities and stars of our times. Keep a look out, no one misses this event.

  1. Maxim NFL Super Bowl Party – 2nd to 3rd February

One of the most anticipated entertaining event year after year combines sports, music, fashion and art to bring you the party of a lifetime. With a new theme every year, this one will blow you away.

  1. The Players Tailgate – 3rd February

The event that has been rated the #1 best Super Bowl pre-game experience over the last few years is being hosted by Guy Fieri, and will bring over 30 other NFL players, celebrities and guests to enjoy the premium open bar and all-you-can-eat gourmet meals.

No tickets required, you’re welcome.

  1. Playboy Party Super Bowl Weekend 53 In Atlanta – 3rd February

The exclusive, open-bar, red-carpet event hosted on one special night in downtown Minneapolis will be something to remember. This VIP party will let you mingle with athletes, celebrities and exclusive personalities.

The anticipation is heavy over Atlanta while major celebrations are expected to take place. You really wouldn’t want to miss out on these events. Take your pick, and meet us where we can unite and enjoy the show in all our festive spirit and love for the Super Bowl!


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