2018 Super Bowl odds for NFL Week 2: Packers leap Seahawks as NFC favorites

Every year, Week 1 makes people look at some teams and question everything we know about them. With the New England Patriots getting beat up by the Chiefs and the Packers beating taking down the Seahawks, the preseason NFC favorite, in Week 1, there have been slight shakeups in Vegas’s Super Bowl odds heading into Week 2. However, naturally, there was nothing so drastic in Week 1 that any teams had their odds completely shot.
The Patriots took a hit, but 13/4 odds were insane to begin with anyway. They’re still the favorites to win it all, but bets have been tempered, albeit not by much. The Patriots play against the New Orleans Saints next week, so that will show if they were rusty against the Chiefs or still the same offensive juggernaut as ever. After the Packers won at home, they leap-frogged the Seahawks to the best odds in the NFC.

A lackluster performance from the Texans hurt their odds, and the Jets’ performance against fellow long-shot Buffalo only hurt their numbers even more. Here are the complete odds for every team in the league.
All odds come from Vegas Insider and are as of Sep. 12.

New England Patriots (9/2) Previous: (13/4): These numbers were going to take a dive if the Patriots beat the Chiefs by any less than 30 points, let alone lost. They’re now going up against a truly terrible Saints defense this week. If they can dominate, we may see a minute increase heading into Week 3. If they even struggle to move the ball for a drive these numbers may take more of a hit as people begin to question if Brady’s game against the Chiefs was actually a fluke.

Green Bay Packers (7/1) Previous: (10/1): Green Bay stifled Seattle for four quarters offensively, with Nick Perry and Clay Matthews utterly abusing Seattle’s hapless offensive line. Aaron Rodgers didn’t put up stunning numbers in the first week of the season, throwing for 311 yards, a touchdown and a pick, but he’s the type of player that people count on to bounce back. If the defense continues to perform at that level and Rodgers hits his normal status, the Packers can establish themselves as a force to be reckoned with.

Seattle Seahawks (10/1) Previous: (8/1): Russell Wilson desperately needs help. The Seahawks made a concerted effort to get an offensive line in the offseason, one that ultimately failed when T.J. Lang was plucked by the Lions. Wilson was running for his life all game. The good news is that Seattle’s secondary still looks solid, as they limited the great Rodgers, but they need help on the offensive side of the ball if the Seahawks are to be a threat deep into the season.

Dallas Cowboys (10/1) Previous: (12/1): There are dozens of factors swirling around the Cowboys’ Super Bowl odds, not least of which is the constant cloud hanging over Ezekiel Elliott’s status. It looks like there’s a good chance he could end up playing this entire season, but the NFL’s appeal of the decision to grant him a temporary restraining order will still play a factor. Dak Prescott, meanwhile, looked solid in his sophomore debut, helping to stymie questions of a sophomore slump for the young quarterback.

Pittsburgh Steelers (10/1) Previous: (10/1): The Steelers edged out the Browns, but it was a Week 1 divisional match-up on the road and they managed to escape without Steelering all over the place. It was an ugly win, but Le’Veon Bell won’t be held up like he was this week in every game this season. Pittsburgh seems to be in a good spot.

Oakland Raiders (14/1) Previous: (14/1): The Raiders jumped by stagnating. Some teams showed weaknesses in Week 1, but Oakland looked consistent throughout a dismantling of a promising Tennessee team. Derek Carr was poised and Khalil Mack was an absolute monster in Week 1. Marshawn Lynch looked like the Marshawn Lynch of old, and the Raiders’ offense showcased its firepower throughout their Week 1 win.

Atlanta Falcons (16/1) Previous: (12/1): Barely beating Mike Glennon and the Bears is hardly a ringing endorsement of a team, but no one could have predicted a breakout performance from Tarik Cohen. There were definitely signs of a Super Bowl hangover, but Matt Ryan turned in an excellent game and, in the end, Atlanta held on. The Packers and Cowboys playing significantly better teams is the most likely cause of any kind of drop for Atlanta, as they were expected to beat Chicago soundly and instead required a red-zone stop at the end of the game.

Kansas City Chiefs (16/1) Previous: (22/1): The Chiefs are pretty clear contenders for Overreaction of the Week, but when a team looks like Kansas City did against the consensus best team in the NFL, it’s hard to not give out extra credit. One of the biggest things working against the Chiefs right now is being one of three legitimate contenders in their division, along with the injury to Eric Berry reshaping their entire defense, but the offense looked methodical on Thursday Night and the pass rush was staggering all game.

Minnesota Vikings (20/1) Previous: (28/1): And in this corner for Week 1 overreactions stand the Minnesota Vikings. Sam Bradford utterly dismantled the Saints on Monday Night, but it might be wise to see how he fares against an NFL defense before proclaiming the Vikings world champions. Dalvin Cook, however, proved he’s the truth, breaking Adrian Peterson’s Vikings franchise record for most yards by a rookie in his first start with AD standing on the opposite sideline.

New York Giants (20/1) Previous: (12/1): The Giants started the season off by reminding everyone that you need a running back to play football. With Odell Beckham injured, the Giants didn’t have a semblance of offense against the Cowboys, and they fell 19-3. The lack of weapons was readily apparent for the Giants, although when Odell Beckham Jr. comes back we may see them open up the playbook a bit. Their vaunted defense played relatively well, but the Cowboys spent the majority of the game in close-out mode.

Carolina Panthers (25/1) Previous: (28/1): The Panthers saw an ever-so-slight bump after their win against the 49ers on Sunday. They won 23-3, largely by virtue of their defense, but questions still abound about Cam Newton coming off of his injury. He wasn’t asked to do much Sunday, and the Panthers’ Super Bowl hopes mostly rest on Newton and the Panthers’ front seven. Once Newton does answer those questions, it may be safe to call the Panthers competitors again.

Denver Broncos (25/1) Previous: (25/1): Denver narrowly escaped at home against the Los Angeles Chargers with a 24-21 win after looking dominant to go up 21-7. It was ugly, but divisional games often are and Joey Bosa picked up where he left off last season. Denver’s front looks as dominant as ever, blowing up the Chargers’ offensive line on numerous occasions. Trevor Siemian showed promise as well, going 17-of-28 for 219 yards and a pair of touchdowns. He didn’t light things up, but he didn’t have to as Denver’s defense looked stifling throughout the game.

Baltimore Ravens (33/1) Previous: (50/1): People obviously weren’t high on the Ravens coming into this season due to their injuries, but the Ravens made their point with a resounding we don’t care. The Ravens drubbed Andy Dalton into the ground to the tune of four interceptions and arguably the worst game of his career, while the offense was content to sit back and let the defense score for them. Joe Flacco wasn’t asked to do much in his first game back from a back injury, and the Ravens didn’t complete a pass in the second half. He’ll have to do more in the near future, but for now Baltimore should be content to sit back and enjoy the 1-0 start over a divisional rival.
Philadelphia Eagles (33/1) Previous: (40/1): The Eagles made a major jump after beating up on the Redskins 30-17. Carson Wentz looked incredibly steady, going 26-of-39 for 307 yards and a pair of touchdowns. The defense looked solid going up against Kirk Cousins, giving up only 240 yards. Much like the top teams in the AFC West, competition is what limits the Eagles — they still have the Cowboys and Giants to worry about twice in the coming season.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers (33/1) Previous: (33/1): Naturally the Buccaneers didn’t move — it’s hard to get any kind of read on a team that doesn’t play.

Arizona Cardinals (50/1) Previous: (28/1): The Cardinals took perhaps the most licks of any Week 1 team. Losing David Johnson for 2-3 months is a devastating blow, and Carson Palmer looked genuinely bad against the Lions on Sunday. They’ll need to find ways to at least rival Johnson’s offensive production, which may prove to be an impossible task.

Detroit Lions (50/1) Previous: (66/1): It wasn’t necessarily a clean win against the Cardinals, but the Lions certainly looked better than expected. Wide receiver Kenny Golladay took a while to get going, but he ended up catching two of Matt Stafford’s four touchdown passes. The defense looked good as well, generating pressure on Carson Palmer. The front four play was always key for the Lions’ defensive success, and they passed their first test with flying colors.

Houston Texans (50/1) Previous: (20/1): Perhaps the quickest uh-oh realization in the NFL, the Texans turned to Deshaun Watson after just one half from Tom Savage. Savage couldn’t get anything going, but the biggest concern in Houston by far is offensive line play. As long as Duane Brown is out, it’s hard to imagine Houston getting any kind of offensive production, but their line is a sieve in 3-4 spots at the moment and one player won’t fix that.
Jacksonville Jaguars (50/1) Previous: (66/1): The Jaguars beat a perceived good team rather soundly, but showed flaws in the process. Blake Bortles is still not performing up to the level Jacksonville expects, but the defense gave the Jags a blueprint to win — although 10 team sacks might not be sustainable. The loss of Allen Robinson further hurts the offense, but Leonard Fournette and Chris Ivory showed that they can help shoulder the load.
Tennessee Titans (50/1) Previous: 33/1: I’d submit that this fall is one of the more questionable on the list. The Titans didn’t look great against the Raiders, but it was a new-look unit playing against an offense that had prior chemistry outside of Lynch. Marcus Mariota still looked strong. DeMarco Murray’s production was poor, but for a team playing catch-up all game, that should be expected. The Titans play the Jaguars on Sunday to see which team in the AFC South is for real(ish), but their first test against the Raiders was undoubtedly a disappointment, although not devastating (or even unexpected).

Cincinnati Bengals (66/1) Previous: (50/1): You need to operate under the assumption that Andy Dalton won’t play like he did against Baltimore every week. After a horrific performance that ended with four interceptions, Dalton and the Bengals will try to bounce back next week. The defense actually played fine in the 20-0 loss, it was just overshadowed by the awful game that the rest of the team had. Joe Mixon showed promise, but Cincinnati needs to figure out a viable offensive gameplan moving forward.

Miami Dolphins (66/1) Previous: (66/1): See Buccaneers.

Buffalo Bills (80/1) Previous: (100/1): These still aren’t great odds, but the jump feels dramatic for a team that beat the Jets. The Bills showed that their team has potential, especially with LeSean McCoy running the ball, but they also showed a lot of issues in Week 1. They’re still transitioning under Sean McDermott, but on the other hand, first in the AFC East is first in the AFC East (eat your heart out, New England).

Los Angeles Chargers (80/1) Previous: (66/1): The Chargers actually looked slightly better than expected in their first game against Denver, but ultimately took the loss. With the AFC West shaping up to be one of the strongest divisions in football, the Chargers are the odd one out, although their front seven led by Joey Bosa showed tremendous promise in Week 1.

Los Angeles Rams (80/1) Previous: (150/1): They may still be in the bottom half of the league, but crushing a team so soundly that the opposing coach forgets who he played against should net a jump. The Rams’ defense looked dominant against poor Scott Tolzien on Sunday, getting a pair of pick-sixes and planting Tolzien in the backfield time and time again. Jared Goff looked serviceable, while Indianapolis looked overwhelmed all game.

New Orleans Saints (80/1) Previous: (40/1): The old adage goes defense wins championships, and with that in mind the Saints aren’t sniffing any. The Saints’ defense was absolutely awful against Minnesota, allowing five new offensive linemen to outlast them. The Saints’ pass rush was actually decent for part of the game, but the complete ineptitude of the secondary far overshadowed that rush. The offense couldn’t close drives, and their offensive line proved to be a huge problem against Minnesota’s excellent front four.

Indianapolis Colts (100/1) Previous: (50/1): Losing Andrew Luck would devastate most teams, but it eviscerated Indianapolis. They got routed by the Rams, and Scott Tolzien was so thoroughly taken apart that the Colts are now considering starting Jacoby Brissett against the Cardinals. Meanwhile, Colts fans everywhere are volunteering their shoulders to give to Luck.

Washington Redskins (100/1) Previous: (66/1): The Eagles and the Redskins game on Sunday showed that receivers are going to be a bit of an issue. Kirk Cousins watched his receivers drop several passes and threw for less than 300 yards. Meanwhile, the Eagles’ offense marched on Washington all game. The Redskins don’t seem to have enough firepower to compete with the NFC East, and it showed early in the season.

Chicago Bears (250/1) Previous: (200/1): Despite their odds taking a dive, there was more good than bad to take away from Chicago’s game against the Falcons. Tarik Cohen had a breakout game, Mike Glennon didn’t look awful, even if he isn’t a long-term solution, and the Bears were in the red zone with a chance to win in the final 30 seconds. They aren’t where they need to be yet, but the potential is there for the Bears.

Cleveland Browns (250/1) Previous: (250/1): Cleveland shocked everyone by taking Pittsburgh down to the wire. Everyone except Pittsburgh fans, that is. Head coach Hue Jackson is already treating DeShone Kizer like a Star Wars sequel, but it isn’t without cause. Kizer went 20-of-30 against Pittsburgh for 222 yards, a touchdown and an ugly pick to TJ Watt. However, plays like that can always be chalked up to rookie mistakes. He played better than expected, and he should continue to grow as the season progresses.

San Francisco 49ers (250/1) Previous: (250/1): Week 1 went about as expected for the 49ers. A team with next to no offensive weapons struggled against a very good defense. It may be a long season for the 49ers, but they do have the 2018 draft.

New York Jets (500/1) Previous: (250/1): When a team dips below 250/1 odds, they didn’t look great. The Jets got slammed, and those that bet against them surpassing three wins are looking pretty good as they continue their quest for the first overall pick (don’t expect many changes to this blurb throughout the year).